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MBEEPAY Card Connected to Wallet Account



Manage Funds with MBEEPAY  Private Account

A private account with MBEEPAY gives you the freedom to control your finances. Get instant access to your funds 24/7 from almost anywhere in the world. Pay or receive money with your MBEEPAY. Open an MBEEPAY account remotely in few minutes.


Make payments in your cellphone or by computer with your wallet account. Load funds through bank transfers, credit cards, or more than 50 eWallets around Europe!

You can optionally link your MBEEPAY wallet account to its own unique IBAN and a physical pre-paid card.

How To Load/Withdraw Money From Your Account


You may load your account by:

  • Bank Transfers

  • Prepaid Card Transfers

  • Multiple E-Wallets

You may withdrawal from your account by:

  • Bank Transfers

  • Prepaid Card Transfers

  • Multiple E-Wallets

Payment Cards

MBEEPAY prepaid card is an ideal tool to obtain instant access to your funds around the globe

  • Virtual cards for online shopping

  • No-name cards

  • Unlimited balance on the card

  • Tailor-made pricing for corporate clients

  • Safe online payments with 3D Secure

  • Push and SMS notification about your transactions

  • Cash back options

MBEEPAY Card Connected to Wallet Account

Send money directly to any other MBEEPAY card worldwide

  • Card to card – an opportunity to instantly send funds to any other card 24/7

How To Make Transfers

Logo Mbeepay_Final.png
MBEEPAY Card Connected to Wallet Account

MBEEPAY Wallet Account

  • From MBEEPAY account to any other bank card

  • Send or receive funds from MBEEPAY account to multiple eWallets

  • Send or receive funds from one MBEEPAY account to another MBEEPAY account

  • Send or receive funds from MBEEPAY account to any bank account in the world at the lowest fees in more than 20 currencies

​Card Connected To Your MBEEPAY Wallet Account

  • Fund your MBEEPAY card from your MBEEPAY account

  • Withdraw your funds in any ATM worldwide

  • Pay orders, buy goods, or any necessary transactions in any place worldwide

  • Shop online, make bookings, orders, or pay online

Beekash Payment System Ltd. Is an EU Based Global PSP Specializing in International Cross Border Transactions supporting Credit Card Processing, Payment Gateway, Virtual Cards, Virtual Terminals, Chargeback Management, and Wallet Services.


Beekash Works with Merchants to Help Grow Their Business and Maximize Profitability. We work with as ISO and reseller for many banks partners.


Beekash and Mbeepay Are Trademarks of Beekash Payment System Llc - All Rights Reserved

Logo Mbeepay_Final.png
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