MBEEPAY Is A Wallet Payment Solution &
Full Suite Tokenization Wallet Service

Funds can be loaded in deposit points with our licensed partners, Online E-wallet, Bank transfer credits to e-wallet account, FlexiTag via a mobile app, online, or be automatically topped up with users' existing cards.

MBEEPAY is complemented by FlexiTag, a secure and convenient global contactless wearable payment module.

Our passive contactless chip plays a strategic role in developing a contactless wearable payment ecosystem, that bridges FinTech, banks, card networks. Our passive contactless Chip is certified by VISA and Connected to multiple issuing banks around the world. It achieves global EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) Standards and offers both Prepaid & tokenization payment format.

Both private and corporate clients can add-on an IBAN account with a pre-paid card attached to their MBEEPAY wallet account.

The wallet of MBEEPAY is for our business clients including those who already have a merchant account
with BeeKash. Our clients will be able to utilize the wallet to make payments such as payroll, utilities,
vendors and at the same time request issuing of their branded credit cards and or contactless wearables
for their customers.

Connected Services
BeeKash can provide the services of issuing IBAN’s for EU businesses via our partner, as well as soon
can utilize our Beeremit International wiring services.


Who is MBEEPAY for?
New Business Customers & Wallet sub-Customers, Existing BeeKash Merchants, People in Need of IBAN Business and Personal Accounts, Card Issuing Including Wearables

​BeeKash is operating under The EU Financial License issued to BeeKash Payment Solutions s.r.o. by Czech National Bank, the central bank of The Czech Republic.

MBEEPAY and BeeKash are Trademarks of BeeKash Payment System LLC - All Rights Reserved

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