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Privacy Policy

Beekash ™ BPS Network Holdings Ltd. is a financial Fintech company, within the EEA, Africa, and Asia. We are in the business of payment processing and related services. We recognize the importance of the personal information entrusted to us. It is one of our fundamental responsibilities to ensure that we protect the information entrusted to us by our clients and our website visitors. The following outlines our privacy policy:

General Provisions
We collect, process, and use your personal information according to the highest standards of PCI DSS Level 1, in order to provide you with our services.
We adhere to the GDPR, effective as of Jan 1st, 2022, concerning the processing of personal data of persons within the EEA and the protection of privacy in electronic communications as follows:

Reasons for Retention of Personal Information
Information collected on our website will only be retained for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected and adheres to the regulations covering the retention of such information. Personal identifiers are collected for but are not limited to, protecting you from fraudulent and unauthorized transactions. By submitting a payment request to a merchant, you are transmitting your personal information, whereas standard international banking secrecy and confidentiality are maintained and data will not be transmitted to any third parties unless it is part of the transaction itself and that third parties are certified with the same industry standards of data protection.  These parties include but are not limited to our processing banking partners, card associations, your credit card issuing bank, and security partners.

Data Retained
The data we collect for each transaction is your name, your billing address, shipping address, your e-mail address, your phone number, and your credit card information as you provide the information to the merchant, such information is received and will be submitted and retained in an encrypted format.
Additional information, which will be collected is 1. Device Information – Information that is automatically collected about your device (such as, but not limited to, hardware, operating system, browser, etc.). 2. Location Information – Information that is automatically collected via analytics systems providers to determine your location, including your IP address and/or domain name and any external page that referred you to us.

We do not market to consumers, collect or sell data for any marketing purposes whatsoever.

Access, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information
1. By the time our system receives your information you must have already given consent to the merchant for it to allow the processing of the transaction.
2. You have the right to determine whether we hold your accurate and current Personal Information, to obtain a copy of your Personal Information that you submitted as permitted by law, and to correct any of your data that is inaccurate. You may also request that we inform you of the type of Personal Information we hold with regard to you, subject to restrictions on our providing copies of certain data pursuant to our obligations under BSA/CFT and AML regulations and/or data retained as per customary financial transaction regulations between financial institutions. You may also request that we delete your Personal Information, subject to the restrictions on data deletion pursuant to relevant data retention and destruction restrictions under applicable laws and regulations, such as those related to the BSA and AML. For data access, correction, or deletion requests, please contact

3. Right to be forgotten. You have a right to remove consent to share. Should you withdraw consent for processing or otherwise object to processing that impedes our ability to comply with applicable laws and regulations, you will be unable to initiate transactions and access the services we provide to the merchant.

4. Right to portability. You have a right to transfer your data to other controllers.

5. Right to rectification. Should data be incorrect, you have a right to request a correction.

Reasons for Retention of Personal Information – Businesses
As per AML/CFT BSA regulations, financial institutions are required to obtain and verify a business including information on shareholders and owners.
In order to obtain a merchant account, we are required to review and assess these documents from the business. While you are consenting and voluntarily submitting the application containing some personal data you have a right under the GDPR to withdraw such consent as above.

Beekash Employee Handling of Personal Information
Beekash employees have security level clearances depending on their role at the company. Personal Information of a customer is allowed to such employees who need access to such information in order to deliver transaction-related checks such as security, fraud, audits, or accounting of our system. Our staff is not allowed to share any data outside of the company, unless it is part of the transaction itself and with its transaction partners mentioned earlier, or as per regulatory requirements to its respective authorities.

Any questions or concerns should be mailed to Beekash™ Payment.
Beekash™ Payment. can be contacted at 6 Hitsaajankatu, 2nd Floor Room 209 Helsinki Finland 00810

As of Jan 2022


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