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Merchant Account
Merchant Accounts for Traditional Businesses

BeeKash offers payment solutions and products that help businesses to grow and maximize their profitability. Our merchant accounts allow your business to accept all major credit cards and debit cards, all with easy and fast setup.

BEESWIPE - Integrated POS Terminals

BEESWIPE is an integrated point of sale terminal for card present transactions. Fully integrated with BeeKash’s Payment Gateway Software to help provide any type of business with the tools they need to grow their business faster.


The BEESWIPE Integrated POS Terminal is an advanced system designed to meet the needs of your industry. BEESWIPE lets your business process sales securely and allows you to efficiently take care of your accounting needs.


As with all other BeeKash products, BEESWIPE was created with the client in mind, featuring PCI compliance and a user-friendly interface.

High Risk Merchant Acconts
Merchant Accounts

BeeKash has extensive knowledge and experience in the needs of merchants. BeeKash will get your  business processing immediately and keep you processing.

Businesses labelled as high-risk will be subject to increased scrutiny and due diligence. BeeKash expects its merchants to be well-established businesses with a proven track record of goods and services fulfillment.

What makes a merchant high-risk?

Businesses and Industries are labeled as high-risk for several reasons, but a major factor is an elevated possibility of chargebacks. A chargeback is a transaction reversal meant to act as a consumer protection from fraudulent activity.


Some other factors that determine whether an industry is high-risk are: the businesses owner’s personal credit history, industries that large traditional banks are unwilling to do business with, or businesses that have previously had their accounts with another processor closed.​

BeeKash Payment Gateway

The BeeKash Payment Gateway Software is the crown jewel of the BeeKash product lineup. While other payment gateways will help you to process transactions, the BeeKash Payment Gateway software comes equipped with advanced fraud protection to safeguard your business. The BeeKash Payment Gateway was designed with the client in mind and is both highly secure and easy to use. Additionally, our gateway and API is completely PCI DDS Level 1 compliant. ISO compliant

The BeeKash Payment Gateway provides credit card processing, debit cards, chargeback management, and more for the unique needs of our clients!

BeeKash Payment Gateway Features
  • PCI DDS Level 1 Compliant

  • Advanced Fraud Protection Technology

  • User Friendly Gateway Interface

  • Extensive Accounting Options

  • Seamless Integration with Other BeeKash Products

Need A Merchant Account or Gateway Services?

Card Issuing Service
Card Issuing

BeeKash strives to find the perfect payment solution for your business. In order to provide our clients with the flexibility they need, BeeKash offers reloadable, non-reloadable, & virtual card programs.


These card issuing programs allow businesses to automatically pay partners around the world with a single wire transfer while avoiding the delays and heavy surcharges associated with more traditional methods.

Did you know that a card issuing program can be used for payroll? BeeKash provides payroll cards for businesses and their employees. Employees can get cash from debit machines, use the card for purchases, and pay bills.

Does your business need card issuing?
Many companies can benefit from BeeKash’s card issuing program including:
  • Businesses with regular global payment needs

  • Affiliate programs

  • Loyalty programs

  • Payment providers

  • CPN

  • And more!

BeeSwipe Mobile
BeeSwipe Mobile Processing

Need to process payments on the go? Don’t want to be tied down by a traditional payment processing unit? BeeKash has the answer for you.


Introducing BeeSwipe, the innovative BeeKash solution for your business’ mobile processing needs. If you have a business that needs fluidity and mobility, then mobile processing might be the right answer for you.


BeeSwipe features high security two-factor authentication and PCI compliance.

BeeSwipe Features
  • Accept Credit Cards Anywhere Wirelessly

  • Works with iOS and Android Devices

  • Swipe, Chip Reader, and Tap Capability

  • Easy Portability

  • Highly Secure Two-Factor Authentication

  • PCI Compliant

Need To Issue Cards or Process Cards On The Go?

BeeKash Digital Wallet SOFTWARE

BeeKash’s Digital Wallet System can be the answer to your business’ unique accounting needs. Traditional banking often incurs various costly fees, regulatory hurdles, and constant delays for cross border transactions. 


The BeeKash Digital Wallet System can help simplify some of your business banking needs by eliminating fees and easing regulatory restrictions all while remaining in full PCI compliance.

The BeeKash Digital Wallet System allows you to create a wallet for your business and to add sub accounts within that wallet for employees, vendors, suppliers, and more.

With the wallet system, you can transfer money to and from associated accounts, and cash accounts out via a bank wire transfer.

Additionally, because BeeKash us all about customization, you can also issue credit cards tied to the wallet account which can be used at any ATM where Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

BeeKash’s  Digital Wallet System is your wallet, your way!

eWallet Services
BeeRemit Money Transfer
VoucherKArd System

In keeping with BeeKash’s goal of bringing clients innovative and cutting edge technology, our software architects have designed The VcKard specifically for Risk Businesses.


VcKard is a well-trusted secure system for Layered Transactions that have compliance regulatory reporting for each transaction fully integrated into the software.

VcKard Features
  • Integrated Compliance ( Regulatory Reporting)

  • Multi-Currency

  • CB Monitoring

  • Easy to deploy on the sites

card VCKRADlogo_edited.jpg
Cloosed Loop Card Systems
BeeOOP Closed Loop Card System

BeeKash strives to anticipate the needs of our clients and through the years we have developed the highly customizable BeeOOP Closed Loop Card System for large companies. Large companies often have complex accounting needs and BeeKash is here to take some of the complexity out of managing multiple divisions and/or locations.


The BeeOOP Closed Loop Card System allows complex organizations (hotels, resorts, casinos) to utilize one centralized processing system that connects to all divisions and/or locations within the organization.


Having a secure centralized system that connects all divisions and locations allows for easy accounting and peak efficiency.


The possibilities with BeeOOP are endless and this BeeKash offering can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.   

BeeOOP Features
  • Centralized Processing System

  • Connects Multiple Divisions and Locations

  • Easy Accounting

  • Highly Secure

  • BeeOOP Customizable Packages

  • Prepaid Card Capabilities


Contactless payment systems are credit cards and smart watches that use (NFC) for making secure payments. The embedded chip and antenna enable consumers to wave their silicone ribbon over a reader at the point of sale terminal to make low value transactions. World- wide fast food chains and convenient stores are already using these POS terminals.

Water Resistant Flexi Tags can be embedded seamlessly inside almost anything, including Leather, Rubber, PU or Silicon Straps. NFC Flexi Tags are flexible and do not require any battery. MBEEPAY's manufacturing partner can customize the antenna of the payment chip to embed them in rings and card-fobs too.

Use for Payments: Don't miss that all important phone call. Just Tap your wearable to pay for coffee.

Use as a Ticket or Pass: With MBEEPAY Payment Solutions you can use your wearable not only as a ticket for Football games but also to pay at the concessionary counters in the stadium. Cinema goers can beat the queues by simply tapping their wearable tickets.

Use as a Loyalty Card: There is no need to search for your loyalty card in your wallet anymore. With your favorite band or watch, you not only pay for the body lotion but also avail the loyalty points.

Certified by VISA and MasterCard.
MBEEPAY Visa Technology Partner: VISA ID-Tapp-86415

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Interested In Card Issuing,Voucherkard, or MBEEPAY?

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