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Experience The BeeKash Difference

Innovative Technology  |   White Glove Service  |   Peace of Mind Security
About BeeKash Payment System

BeeKash Payment System is a BPS Network Ltd company brand. It is a Fintech and a PSP with global payment operation. The brand works vigorously to find the best bank partner solutions for every client’s unique needs. BeeKash’s management team has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and presents clients with an exclusive customer experience that marries entrepreneurial problem solving with classic corporate expertise. We work with traditional merchants that need expansion to certain part of the World  and hard-to-place merchants to help grow their business and maximize profitability.

BeeKash provides credit card processing, Payment Gateway, Virtual Cards, Virtual Terminals, VoucherKard™, Chargeback Management, Iban, Issuing of Cards and Wallet services. Our innovative technology and focus on client services allow BeeKash to provide excellent fraud protection, reconciliation, processing solutions, and customer service. BeeKash believes in strong corporate governance and is independently audited and PCI DSS compliant to ensure the interests and security of our clients, acquiring banks, card issues, cardholders, and payment networks.

With a focus on client needs, technology, and security, BeeKash aims to provide clients with a payment processing solution that will ensure the longevity of merchants and the success of their business.

The BeeKash Difference

Innovative Technology

BeeKash prides itself on being at the forefront of the financial technology industry. You can rest assured that we are always doing what we can to improve our product and service offerings to our clients.

White Glove Service

BeeKash believes that relationships matter. Providing exceptional service to our clients and partners is of the utmost importance to BeeKash. We believe that communication is key and putting our clients first is what sets us apart.

Peace of Mind Security

BeeKash understands the unique needs of merchants and provides the tools necessary to minimize chargebacks and maximize your profitability. BeeKash also works diligently in the area of fraud protection to best serve our clients. Beekash is PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant.

BeeKash Benefits

  • We accept all major credit cards

  • Toll-free 24x7 technical and customer support

  • Fast approvals! In as little as 48 hours

  • Multi-currency capability

  • Easy Integration

  • Real-time reporting

  • Advanced fraud protection

  • Multiple bank reliability

  • No volume caps

Toll-Free 24x7 Technical and Customer Support

Traditional and
E-Commerce Processing

For merchants in need of a traditional or e-commerce processing solution, BeeKash offers fast approval, competitive pricing, access to our innovative gateway technology, and white glove customer service.

Traditional Processing with BeeKash

Merchant Accounts



BeeKash has extensive knowledge and experience in the needs of high-risk merchants. BeeKash will get your high-risk business processing immediately and keep you processing.

Online Shopping high risk merchants
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