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Beekash News: Expedited Application Processing and Rates as Low as 1.6% MDR for Ecommerce

Updated: Nov 14, 2017

Are you an e-commerce merchant that needs payment processing? Then we have great news!

BeeKash is currently offering expedited application processing and rates as low as 1.6% MDR for ecommerce merchants!

Discover the BeeKash Difference today!

Innovative Technology

BeeKash prides itself on being at the forefront of the financial technology industry. You can rest assured that we are always doing what we can to improve our product and service offerings to our clients.

White Glove Service

BeeKash believes that relationships matter. Providing exceptional service to our clients and partners is of the utmost importance to BeeKash. We believe that communication is key and putting our clients first is what sets us apart.

Peace of Mind Security

BeeKash understands the unique needs of high-risk merchants and provides the tools necessary to minimize chargebacks and maximize your profitability. BeeKash also works diligently in the area of fraud protection to best serve our clients. BeeKash is PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant.

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